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July 2, 2024. We are currently casting for remaining roles in the Out of Touch Audio drama series. Applications are due July 16, 2024 at 1159pm EST, but may be accepted after that if roles have not been filled.

  • Billy Thomas, RN. Best friend and mentor to our lead character, Billy is the life of every party, but also a great psych nurse. 1 full day or two half days at $150.

  • Scott O'Connor, RN. ER nurse and love interest of both Billy and Ally, Scott brings the drama that distracts the staff from their patients. 1 half day at $75.

  • Tera Goodwin, RN. ER nurse, person in recovery, and really rough around the edges, Tera plays a part in a mysterious secondary storyline. 1 half day at $75.

  • Jen Wu, RN. "Jenny from peds" is the pediatric psych nurse working the unit adjacent to our key players who care for adult psych patients and Tony's love interest. 1 half day at $75.

  • Jo Riker. A patient that seems to find a way to stay in Ally's life after being discharged from the hospital, Jo has lost a lot and is working hard to get it back. 1 half day at $75.

  • Paul Nielson. A patient that shows us hope... eventually, Paul struggles significantly in managing his disorder. 1 half day at $75.

  • Micky Mulderig. Irish. Small part owner and bartender at Micky's sober bar. Schedule and pay TBD depending on remaining budget.

  • Shamus Shatzel. Irish. Small part bouncer at Micky's sober bar. Schedule and pay TBD depending on remaining budget.

  • ​Security guards (2). Small but repeat parts, schedule and pay TBD depending on remaining budget.

  • Various patients. Bit parts, schedule and pay TBD depending on remaining budget.

  • Various other nurses/staff. Bit parts, schedule and pay TBD depending on remaining budget.

To apply for one (or more) of these parts, if you're available at least one day July 28-31, 2024 in Wilmington NC, click below.

June 20, 2024. We are excited to announce the following veterans of the Out of Touch A/V episodic have accepted our offer and are returning for the audio drama!

  • Olivia Simmons as Ally Russell, RN
    our lead, the new grad nurse who chooses the adult psych specialty

  • Brandon Freeman as Tony Duran, RN
    "everyone's favorite nurse" and the heart of psych nursing

  • Monanik Dugar as Lawanda Grey, RN
    the tough charge nurse that keeps it all together

  • Bea Noguera-Cline as Lupe Cortez, MHT
    the too-smart-for-her job sassy patient technician that keeps it real

  • Lerron Rose as Ryan Williams, CTRS
    the fun-loving but very profession recreation therapist

  • Angie Staheli as Dr. Alex Gregory, MD
    the jaded psychiatrist... though she wasn't always that way

  • Christoper Emrich as Dr. Kevin Bradlaw, MD
    the ER doc with a secret

  • Demarcus Williams as Ricky Moore (patient)
    the long-term/forever patient struggling with Schizophrenia

  • Patcha Kidking as Su Kim (patient)
    the severely depressed, over-tired, and over-looked wife and mom

  • Katie Whaite as Cat Pollard (patient)
    the musician fighting borderline personality disorder

June 16, 2024. We are still working hard toward funding the full 10 episode limited series. While we are at it, though, we are getting back to our roots a little bit. Paula (our President, CEO, and founder) started as a writer... as in books before scripts... and Out of Touch started as a book.

We've recently received a small grant to rework the A/V series into a 10-episode full cast audio drama (30 minutes or so each episode) and we are so excited to keep working on our story! Thank you for your continued support! Stay tuned for how you can help and where you can find our story across multiple formats!

Out of Touch is an independently produced, made for TV, limited series that takes place in the fictional Cape Fear Regional Hospital Behavioral Health Unit. In this dramedy series, new nurse Ally Russell makes her way through the dramatic, political, tragically and hilariously red-taped world of psychiatric nursing... making new friends, foes, and plenty of mistakes along the way. 

Who We Are

The "Out of Touch" team is a team of advocates. With the core belief that mental health matters, and that entertainment can be used to create change in failing systems, our goal is to entertain, educate and advocate through this production with purpose. Out of Touch isn't our story, though. It is a combination of the true stories of real people who have received and provided mental health care. These are the stories that need to be told and the circumstances that need to be understood to plant the seeds of change.

Production Schedule

Episode 1: 2021 Welcome to the Jungle
Episode 2: 2022 Family and Chemicals
Episode 3: Coming Soon: The Great Depression
Episode 4: Coming Soon: Stress and Heroes
Episode 5: Coming Soon:  Don't Call Me Crazy
Episode 6: Comin Soon:  Addicted to You
Episode 7: Coming Soon:  The Trouble with Aging
Episode 8: Coming Soon: Once More, with Personality
Episode 9: Coming Soon:  The Kids are Crazy Too
Episode 10: Coming Soon:
  Anger and Advocacy

Meet the Production Team


Paula Baisden

Creator/Writer, Executive Producer/Showrunner

Director, Casting Director... Mental Health Nurse (RN)


Chris Emrich

Line Producer


Deon Green

Director, Co-Producer

Acting Coach, Casting Team


Matt Mesler

Co-writer, Producer

Script Supervisor, Casting Team


Rene Olmos

Director of Photography, Co-Producer

Matt K.png

Matt Kalter

Director of Lighting, Co-Producer

Meet the Main Cast of the AV Production


Olivia Simmons

As Ally Russell, RN


Brandon Freeman

As Tony Duran, RN


Eddie Waters

As Billy Thomas, RN


Monanik Dugar

As Lawanda Gray, RN

Recuring Supporting Cast


Adam Pupcheck

Bea Noguera


Lerron Rose


Angie Staheli

Chris Emrich

Gina Anderson


Siobhan Hsu


Matt Mesler

Demarcus Williams

Melissa Rattray


Bobby Reville


Christina Fenwick

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