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Lucky Jo

All you need is love, luck, and coffee.

Romance and hilarity ensue in LUCKY JO, as an unusual RomCom fan tries her luck looking for love in all the usual places.

This feature length romantic comedy is wildly entertaining, and unique in its ability to educate and advocate through humor. 

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Meet Jo

She's a 20-something that actually has it all together. She's done it all right... focused on college, her career, and great and meaningful friendships. She lives in the city of her dreams and has everything she ever wanted, except someone to share it with.

RomCom’s biggest fan and critic, Jo sets out to find luck in love in the usual places… despite not being the usual leading lady.

Why Make this Movie?

Lucky Jo started as a book... and it's still a book, by the way. In fact, you can get the book as a perk when you support the production of Lucky Jo as a part of our upcoming crowdfunding campaign.

The book was written as an emotional response to an unjust situation... the same way many great stories begin. It evolved, through revision after revision, from an angry rant (that's a GOOD start for a story, we promise) to a heartwarming and unique romantic comedy full of education and advocacy (of course).

When you support storytelling that goes beyond entertainment and into the realms of educating society and advocating for vulnerable populations, you support significant efforts toward a more cohesive society... the one that we all have to live in... together.

Funding... the business end of things

To make a great movie, you have to take care of the people making it! We've done all that we can to cut down any possible excess. That means we've written (and re-written...) to keep set costs low. We also, as luck would have it, have access to industry standard equipment... which saves us a pretty penny. We refuse, however, to cut corners when it comes to paying for the labor of our cast and crew.

We are already using both traditional and non-traditional funding avenues for independent filmmaking to raise the money needed to tell this story. You can help by donating what you can to our nonprofit micro-studio using the button near the top of this page, and by sharing this page with others who could do the same.

In the interest of complete transparency, following all the rules and treating everyone right, this film will take approximately $8,000 a day for 15 filming days to produce, in addition to pre- and post-production costs.

In addition to accepting donations from individuals, we are accepting sponsorships from official businesses and service sponsorships from individuals and businesses. If you're interested in reviewing our sponsorship agreement terms, please contact us directly.

What's in it for you?

You can donate funds or services at any time for the benefit of knowing that you contributed to a worthwhile cause, or sign a sponsorship agreement for individually negotiated benefits. Additionally, if you support the film through our crowdfunding campaign, then you qualify for several perks such as...

  • Electronic or printed versions of the book, script, or storyboard art

  • Time on set with cast or crew

  • "Lucky" gear

  • Props and tools used in the making of the movie

  • Official credit

  • .... and more

Let's Talk about it...

Join our pre-launch conversation on IndieGoGo now to share your comments and questions about this project directly with the production team! 

Ready to offer your support? Donate here 

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