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Terms and Conditions

These are our terms and conditions for all space rentals.

If you would like a specific contract written, we are happy to do that.

Paying your invoice in full (as stated on the invoice) indicates that you agree to comply with all of these terms and conditions.

Most rentals will be subject to a signed contract.

Below are the terms you agree to upon signing a contract or paying in full on the invoice for your event.

Citizen Studios Event Space Rental Agreement and Liability Waiver page 1 of 5

This event agreement, hereinafter referred to as “agreement,” is entered into and made effective
on the date indicated at the end of this agreement between the following parties:
1. Citizen Studios LLC, a business incorporated under the laws of the state of North
Carolina, hereinafter referred to as “host,” existing at the address of 2722 Carolina Beach
Rd Wilmington NC 28412.
2. The renter of the above listed business space, hereinafter referred to as “renter,” as
printed at the end of this agreement.


WHEREAS renter wishes to temporarily utilize the space officially registered as the business
address of the host, hereinafter referred to as “venue”
WHEREAS host wishes to rent the renter this venue
Now, therefore, in consideration of the promises and covenants contained herein, as well as other
good and valuable consideration (the receipt and sufficiency which is hereby acknowledged), the
parties do hereby agree as follows:
The name of the venue being rented under the terms of this agreement is “Citizen Studios.” The
address of the venue is 2722 Carolina Beach Rd Wilmington NC 28412.
The rental of the venue, as well as any services provided at the venue and any additional
facilities located within or appurtenant to the venue (collectively referred to as “venue”), is
subject to the terms of this agreement, all parts and subparts of which are specifically
incorporated by reference here.
The host agrees to provide the renter the use of the venue on the date, and at the time, indicated
on the “Studio Space Rental Invoice” provided to the renter at the time of payment in full, or
payment of the required minimum deposit.
The name and type of event being held, as well as the agreed upon maximum allowance of
participants in the event, and any and all other stipulations indicated on the “Studio Space Rental
Invoice” are bound by this contract at the time that the renter signs this contract and pays the
minimum required deposit or at the time that the renter pays the full price of rental of the venue
as agreed, whichever occurs first.
The renter is granted access to the venue in all spaces other than locked areas including, but not
limited to the kitchen, storage rooms, and employee break rooms.
The total price of the rental of the venue is indicated on the “Studio Space Rental Invoice” and
this contract is in effect as of the time that it is signed and a minimum 25% deposit is paid, or at
the time that 100% of the rental price is paid, whichever occurs first.

Citizen Studios Event Space Rental Agreement and Liability Waiver page 2 of 5

Space, services, and items included in rental of the venue are indicated on the “Studio Space
Rental Invoice” and are not permitted to be changed without a new agreement and invoice
between the renter and the host.
The full amount indicated on the “Studio Space Rental Invoice” is due no later than 21 days prior
to the event. If these terms are not met, the host may cancel the event at their discretion, subject
to the refund terms and conditions as follows:
If the event is cancelled 14 days (or more) prior to the event, then all money paid will be
refunded other than the 25% (of total rental price) nonrefundable deposit amount. If the event is
cancelled less than 14 days prior to the event, no money paid shall be refunded.
If payment in full is not made by 21 days prior to the event, the host may cancel the event and
refund all but the 25% nonrefundable deposit. The host may also, at their discretion, give leeway
for payment until 14 days prior to the event, at which time the host may cancel the event without
refund of any monies paid.
Fees for cleaning beyond expected (taking out trash, sweeping, mopping) or for damage to
property during the event for which the venue is rented shall be the responsibility of the renter,
subject to assessment by the host.
Renter shall be responsible for all costs and expenses incurred in connection with the event
taking place at the venue, other than those clearly indicated on the “Studio Space Rental Invoice”
by the host.
Renter is responsible for any illness, injury, or damage that occurs as a result of any caterers or
other venders that the renter employs for the event.
Food and beverages, including alcohol, are not to be sold for a profit at the event without prior
written approval from the host as well as verification of appropriate licensure for any vendors
making sales. This includes cash bars.
Alcohol may only be served if indicated on the “Studio Space Rental Invoice,” and in accordance
with all applicable local, state, and federal laws. The renter assumes responsibility for the
compliance of all event participants with applicable laws.
Renter is responsible for assuring all participants at event approve the use of any photos or
videos taken by the host for advertising purposes, unless otherwise clearly indicated in the
“Studio Space Rental Invoice.” Renter is responsible for ensuring that any photos, videos, or
other shareable information about the event by participants is not obscene, illicit, pornographic,
illegal, racist, sexist, or defamatory in any way and that any content that could be shared related
to the event would not encroach upon the rights and freedoms of another person whether a
participant of the event or not.

Citizen Studios Event Space Rental Agreement and Liability Waiver page 3 of 5

Set up and tear down/clean up of any property owned by the host will be completed before and
after the event by a venue employee. The renter agrees that all property owned by the host will
remain in place. Renter and participants in the event are not permitted to move furniture or other
property of the host during the event.
Any additional items brought by the renter must be set up and torn down/cleaned up by the renter
within the timeframe allotted on the “Studio Space Rental Invoice.” Extra time is not permitted
for set up and tear down/clean up.
Should the renter require extra time for tear down/clean up after the event, the renter will be
charged a fee of $100/hour of cleanup, which will be calculated as one hour immediately after
the scheduled event end time and rounded up to the next hour whenever cleanup time surpasses
the previous hour. The $100/hour fee is charged for time spent cleaning up by the renter. If
guests/participants remain and the event continues (not solely clean up/tear down activities), then
the renter will be charged $200/hour subject to the same conditions as above.
Renter agrees that the premises are in good repair and well maintained.
Renter agrees to be held liable for any damages to the venue outside of what is considered
“normal wear and tear.” Any aesthetic, electrical, structural, or mechanical damages caused by
the renter, renter’s staff, renter’s guests, renter’s affiliates, or invited staff will be the sole
responsibility of the renter to pay in full to the venue. Damages will be assessed by an
independent contractor appointed by the venue and renter agrees to pay the amount quoted by the
contractor for any repairs as well as the cost of the assessment performed by the contractor.
The amount of guests is not to exceed the maximum number indicated on the “Studio Space
Rental Invoice.”
The use of any illegal substances, or misuse of any substances that could be construed by a
reasonable person as dangerous or unlawful, is strictly prohibited. Misuse includes, but is not
limited to, the sharing of prescription medications with someone other than to whom they are
prescribed and the use of alcohol by persons under the legal age for consumption. Failure to keep
the venue a drug free location due to renter’s negligence or disregard is subject to legal action by
the venue and applicable local, state, and federal courts.
Smoking of tobacco products, as well as the use of vapes, electronic cigarettes or similar devices
by other names is prohibited within the venue and within 20 feet from all exterior walls of the
venue. Failure to maintain the venue and 20 feet from all exterior walls as a smoke and vape (and
other names) free area due to the renter’s negligence or disregard is subject to legal action by the
venue and applicable local, state, and federal courts.

Citizen Studios Event Space Rental Agreement and Liability Waiver page 4 of 5

Official security guards, including those provided by a licensed and insured security company or
those who are current law enforcement officers, are required during any event at which alcohol is
being served. One official security guard is required for every 100 guests.
The host offers security at the rate of $40/hour. The renter has the option to pay the host for
security or hire another official security company or law enforcement officer.
Failure to comply with this requirement at the start of the event will result in either host provided
security for $60/hour or immediate cancellation of the event and evacuation of all participants
with no paid money refunded.
Upon signing this contract and paying 25% of the total rental price as a nonrefundable deposit
OR paying the total rental amount in full (with or without signature on this contract, as it is
implied at full payment), renter hereby waives any and all rights to legal claims or actions
against host and releases and discharges host and hosts heirs, assigns, successors, officers,
employees, agents, executors, partners, administrators, and any legal representatives (hereinafter
collectively “released parties,”) in their individual and business capacities of all claims, causes of
actions, liabilities, disputes, demands, damages, agreements, contracts, obligations, promises,
debts, and/or accounts of any nature, whether currently known or unknown, for any damage,
loss, or injury related to rental of the venue now and in the future.
This agreement may be immediately terminated in the event that there is a breach of any of the
terms contained herein. This agreement will also immediately terminate upon the death of the

renter, the inability of either party to perform the services because of a sudden and medically-
documented physical or mental disability, the liquidation, dissolution or discontinuance of the

operation of the venue by the host, or the filing of any petition by the host or renter under federal
or state bankruptcy or insolvency laws.
The host reserves the right to terminate this agreement for any reason at any time. Host also
reserves the right to refuse entry to renter’s guests, staff, or affiliates if they are suspected of any
suspicious or illegal activity. Host may also terminate this agreement if renter or any of renter’s
affiliates violates any of the terms of this agreement in any way.
The renter may terminate this agreement in cases of host fraud or with prior notice with
refunding of monies paid as indicated in article three: fees and refunds.
All notices, requests, consents, demands, waivers and other communication made hereunder
(each termed a “notice”) shall be delivered by email or to the physical address of the host or
renter, as indicated on the “Studio Space Rental Invoice.”

Citizen Studios Event Space Rental Agreement and Liability Waiver page 5 of 5

Renter agrees to defend and indemnify host and any of its affiliates and hold them harmless
against any and all legal claims and demand, including reasonable attorney fees, which may arise
from or related to renter, renter’s affiliates, guests, or employees, the use or misuse of the venue
and any services therein, renter’s breach of this agreement or the conduct or action of any
renter’s affiliates, guests, and employees. Renter agrees that host shall be able to select its own
legal counsel and may participate in its own defense if so desired.
This agreement, in conjunction with the “Studio Space Rental Invoice” provide at the time that
the renter paid in full or signed this contract with a 25% deposit, constitute the entire
understanding between host and renter with respect to any and all use of the venue. This
agreement supersedes and replaces all prior or contemporaneous agreements or understandings,
written oral, regarding the use of the venue.
This agreement shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the internal laws of North
Carolina without giving effect to any choice or conflict of law, provision, or rule. Each party
irrevocably submits to the exclusive jurisdiction and venue of the federal and state courts located
in the counties in which the venue is located and all involved parties reside for any legal suit,
action, or proceeding arising out of or based upon this agreement.

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