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Community Events and Classes for Everyone

Workshops for Actors and Directors

  • Scene Study, Wednesday, January 3, 6-9pm

  • Teleprompter Class and Practicum, Wednesday, January 10, 6-9pm

  • Firearms in Film, Saturday January 13, 10am-4pm

  • Live Audition Class and Simulation, Wednesday, January 17, 6-9pm

  • Intro to Voice Acting, Wednesday, January 24, 6-9pm

  • Kids on Camera: Intro to acting for Camera for ages 8 to 17, Saturday, January 27, 1-4pm

  • Crying on Camera, Wednesday January 31 6-9pm

Workshops for Technical Crew

  • Camera and Lighting 1, Friday, January 19, 12-6pm

  • Camera and Lighting 2, Saturday, February 17, 12-6pm

  • Sound Operations 1: TBD

  • Sound Operations 2: TBD

  • Camera Assistant Class: TBD

  • Grip and Electric: TBD

  • PA Basics: TBD

Workshops for Writers

  • Screenwriting 1: Intro to Screenwriting: TBD

  • Screenwriting 2: Writing a short film, pilot, or other proof of concept: TBD

  • Screenwriting 3: Writing a Feature Film: TBD

  • Screenwriting 4: How to Write a Series Bible: TBD

  • Screenwriting 5: Pitch Process and Practicum: TBD

Workshops for Producers

  • Indy Business Basics: TBD

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