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House of Dolls

Title: House of Dolls
Genre: Horror
Status: Development
Project: Feature Film
Budget: TBD
Logline: Seeking a carefree weekend escape before her wedding, Mia and her friends instead find unspeakable terror in impossible choices as they try to escape an ancient curse that centers on the inevitable suffering of women.

Opportunities to Support This
All-Female Production

Donate any time securely, and specifically to this project, at our gofundme page. 

Join us for our DOLL DRIVE on February 18th 12-4pm! Not a fan of giving cash? No problem! Go find some creepy old (porcelain style) dolls (NOT baby dolls) at a resale shop and bring them to our DOLL DRIVE event at the studio. In addition to meeting some of the crew/team, having some snacks, and hearing more about the project, you'll get to place your dolls on set for our HOUSE OF DOLLS feature film! Stop in any time between 12pm and 4pm at Citizen Studios 2722 Carolina Beach Rd Wilmington NC.

More Info... and Why You Should Support Us

Overview/Introduction: During their beach house getaway, lifelong friends Mia, Lexi, and
Quinn stumble upon a locked panic room. Breaking in, they trigger a nightmare of unspeakable
terror, discovering an ancient curse that forces them into impossible choices. As the weekend
spirals into a fight for survival, "House of Dolls" reveals a chilling story of sacrifice and
supernatural horrors while exploring societal views of gender related suffering.

Artistic Statement / Approach
Overview: "House of Dolls" is not merely a horror film; it is an exploration of the human
psyche in the face of supernatural adversity, with a thematic undercurrent delving into the
societal constructs of gender-related suffering. Our approach to this project is grounded
in a commitment to immersive storytelling that transcends the horror genre's conventions.
Visual Aesthetics: We envision "House of Dolls" as a visual symphony of suspense,
seamlessly blending atmospheric cinematography with subtle, yet potent, visual effects.
The beach house, a character in itself, will be portrayed as a paradoxical haven turned
nightmare, evoking both tranquility and terror. The room of dolls, a focal point, will be a
haunting tableau, a macabre museum reflecting the struggles and sacrifices embedded in
the curse.
Narrative Depth: At the heart of our approach lies a dedication to character-driven
storytelling. The characters in "House of Dolls" are not mere victims; they are survivors
grappling with choices and sacrifices that resonate beyond the supernatural. We aim to
explore the intricate dynamics of friendship, the strength found in unity, and the profound
impact of the inevitable suffering faced by women.
• Symbolism and Allegory: The use of dolls, ancient curses, and sacrifices serves as
symbolic elements, representing the broader struggles inherent in the female experience.
Each element is carefully chosen to contribute not only to the horror atmosphere but also
to the film's allegorical layers, inviting audiences to contemplate themes beyond the
immediate scares.
• Inclusive Storytelling: As an all-female North Carolina resident filmmaking team, our
commitment to diversity extends beyond the screen. We aim to provide a platform for
underrepresented voices and perspectives, both in front of and behind the camera. "
House of Dolls" is not only a horror narrative; it is a testament to the strength and resilience of
women in the face of adversity.
• Budgetary Innovation: Despite our modest budget, we approach the production of
"House of Dolls"; with innovative solutions. Our team's dedication to the project goes
beyond financial compensation; it is a passion project driven by the collective desire to
tell a compelling and evocative story. We are committed to maximizing every dollar to
create a visually stunning and emotionally gripping film.
• In conclusion, "House of Dolls" is not just a horror film; it is an exploration of fear,
choice, sacrifice, and the enduring spirit of women. Our artistic approach is an intricate
dance between visual aesthetics, thematic depth, and a commitment to inclusive
storytelling, making this project a unique and powerful addition to the cinematic

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