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Submit Your Short Film to FILMSgiving 2023: A Thanksgiving Celebration of Creativity!
Or buy tickets to attend in the audience! All ticket purchases (and submissions) also include dinner at our live event.

Save the Date: November 24th, 2023
Time: 7:00 PM - 10:00 PM (Doors Open at 6:30 PM)
Location: Citizen Studios, Wilmington, NC

Lights, Camera, Thanks! Join us at the second annual FILMSgiving film festival, hosted by Citizen Studios, a nonprofit 501c3 producing studio in the heart of Wilmington, North Carolina. Our vision is "Productions with Purpose," and our mission is to entertain, educate, and advocate. At Citizen Studios, we support the dreams of the independent filmmaker and believe in the power of media and art to do good in this world.

Calling All Filmmakers
If you're a passionate filmmaker with a story to share, we invite you to submit your short film (under 15 minutes, excluding credits) that revolves around the central theme of Thanksgiving. Whether your film celebrates gratitude, explores family dynamics during the holiday season, or delves into the history and traditions of Thanksgiving, we want to see it! FILMSgiving provides a platform for your creativity to shine.

Why Submit to FILMSgiving? 

  • Exposure: Showcase your work to a diverse and engaged audience in the charming backdrop of Wilmington, NC.

  • Networking: Connect with fellow filmmakers, industry professionals, and film enthusiasts.

  • Awards: Compete for awards and recognition in various categories, with a chance to take home the prestigious FILMSgiving BEST SHORT trophy.

  • Advocacy: Align your film with a cause and make a difference through the power of storytelling.

By submitting your film, you're not just entering a competition – you're supporting our cause. Entry fees are a donation to the only nonprofit producing studio in the region, Citizen Studios.

Great Prizes
There are fantastic prizes for our talented filmmakers, but there's a catch – you must be present to win. So, mark your calendar and be ready to claim your reward at the event!

There will also be door prizes for all audience members (ticket holders)!

Dinner Included
Submission fees not only support the festival but also cover dinner at the event. As a token of our appreciation, we ensure that you enjoy a delicious meal while attending the festival.

Tickets for Audience Members
Can't submit a film, but don't want to miss out on the fun? You're in luck! We encourage all film enthusiasts in our community to join us at FILMSgiving as audience members. Your ticket purchase includes dinner, so you can savor a delightful meal while enjoying a captivating evening of independent short films.

Let's make this Thanksgiving a FILMSgiving to remember!

Awards and Prizes at FILMSgiving

FILMSgiving 2023 is all about celebrating and recognizing the outstanding talent and creativity of our filmmakers. We're thrilled to present a range of prestigious awards in various categories, each designed to honor excellence in filmmaking. Our dedicated jury, comprised of industry professionals and film enthusiasts, will carefully evaluate each entry to determine the deserving winners. Here's a glimpse of the award categories awaiting you:

  • Best Short Film: The crème de la crème of short films, recognized for its exceptional storytelling and cinematic prowess.

  • Best Director: Awarded to the visionary director who demonstrates exceptional leadership, creativity, and innovation in their film.

  • Best Cinematography: Honoring the art of capturing breathtaking visuals and creating a visual language that speaks to the audience.

  • Best Sound Design: Celebrating the mastery of sound in film, recognizing the captivating auditory experience created by our talented filmmakers.

  • Best Score: Acknowledging the composers and musicians whose musical compositions elevate the emotional impact of the films.

  • Best Lighting Design: Recognizing the creative use of lighting to set the mood, enhance storytelling, and create stunning visual effects.

  • Best in Acting: Highlighting exceptional performances by actors who bring characters to life with depth, authenticity, and emotional resonance.

  • Best Editing: Awarded to the film that demonstrates exceptional editing techniques, contributing to the overall storytelling and impact.

  • Best Look: Honoring the creativity and artistry of the makeup, hair, and wardrobe departments in creating distinctive and captivating characters on screen.

Our award winners will not only receive recognition but also take home a prestigious FILMSgiving prize a testament to their exceptional work. This is an opportunity to showcase your talent, gain recognition, and be part of a festival that values and celebrates the art of filmmaking.

Submit your film today to compete for these remarkable awards and join us at FILMSgiving 2023 to celebrate your success.

Festival Rules and Guidelines

At FILMSgiving 2023, we are committed to providing a platform for filmmakers to showcase their talent and creativity. To ensure a fair and engaging experience for all participants, we have established the following rules and guidelines:

1. **Mandatory Representation**: To be eligible for awards and for your film to be played at the festival, at least one person representing the film must be physically present during the event. This designated representative can include the director, producer, a cast member, or any other suitable representative. This rule is in place to create a dynamic and interactive atmosphere at the festival, allowing filmmakers to connect with their audience and fellow creators.

2. **Film Duration**: Submitted films must be under 15 minutes in length, excluding credits, to be considered for selection at FILMSgiving 2023. This time limit ensures that our program features a diverse range of high-quality short films, maintaining the audience's engagement and appreciation.

3. **Curated Selection**: FILMSgiving is a curated film festival. While every submitted film is eligible to participate, the final selection is made through a thoughtful curation process. We believe in presenting our audience with the best and most compelling short films, enhancing the overall festival experience. This approach benefits filmmakers by placing their work in a competitive and respected environment, where every screening is a highlight.

4. **Importance of Curation**: The curation process adds value to our festival by ensuring that the films presented are of the highest quality and resonate with our festival's theme and vision. This, in turn, benefits the filmmakers by providing them with an audience that appreciates their work on a deeper level. A curated festival creates a more serious and dedicated atmosphere, offering filmmakers the opportunity to have their work seen and recognized by an audience genuinely interested in the art of filmmaking.

5. **Submission Fee**: A non-refundable submission fee of $30 is required for each film entry. This fee covers the cost of the submission process and supports the festival's operations. By submitting your film, you acknowledge and accept the non-refundable nature of this fee.

6. **Ticket Purchase**: Tickets to attend the festival are available at a cost of $15 per person and are transferrable. Only one entry to the festival is included with the submission fee. If there are multiple filmmakers associated with the project, additional tickets must be purchased separately.

7. **Admission by List**: No hard tickets will be issued. Instead, ticket holders and submitters will be placed on a list at the door for entry. Individuals not listed will not be permitted to enter the event.

We appreciate your commitment to the spirit of FILMSgiving, and we look forward to celebrating the art of filmmaking with you. These rules are in place to ensure a memorable and meaningful experience for all participants, and we thank you for being part of this creative journey.

For any inquiries or clarifications, please contact us at info@citizenstudiosnc with subject FILMSgiving. We're here to make your FILMSgiving experience as enjoyable and rewarding as possible.

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