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Out of Touch Audio Drama Talent Application

Thank you for your interest in working on the Out of Touch audio drama. Please complete the application form if you are available in Wilmington, NC at least one day July 28-31 and you agree to the compensation listed for the role for which you are applying. As this project is part of ongoing research, and is grant funded, you are considered a participant in the research and you will be compensated with a Visa gift card for your participation (with no tax/income filing availability). Additionally, your participation entitles Paula Baisden to all rights and use of the project in perpetuity without further compensation to you, regardless of what that future use entails and any compensation Paula Baisden may receive in the future related to this project. Please email if you have any questions.

Apply here

Are you able and willing to work local to Wilmington NC on the following dates? Please select all that apply.
Which role(s) are you interested in? (seclect all that apply)
Have you ever volunteered (unpaid) for Citizen Studios NC in the past?
Do you have an experience with recorded voice acting or recorded narration?

Instructions for audio recording audition...

  1. Please record in a quiet place free of background noise. We recommend the "3 shirts in a closet" method if you do not have a home studio. This is exactly what it sounds like. In a closet with hanging clothes, have at least one soft/cotton shirt right behind you, one in front of you/your phone or mic, and one in between you and the phone or mic. Hold the phone or mic about 5 inches or so from your face with the shirt midway between your face and the phone or mic.

  2. At the beginning of your recording, state your name, where you currently live, and which role you are interested in using your relaxed/natural voice. (example: "My name is Paula Baisden from Hampstead North Carolina and I'm auditioning for Jen Wu and Security Guards")

  3. Next, please speak for 30 seconds to 2 minutes about your interest in this project (voice acting experience, relating to or empathy for the content/subject etc...). This is so we can truly hear your voice for a while and get to know you a little. Be casual. Do not read from a script please (as that changes your voice).

  4. After a brief pause, read the phrase(s) indicated below for the role you're interested in. If you're interested in multiple roles, just pause between each. Feel free to read the phrase(s) just once, or up to 3 times if you'd like to try different voice styles.

  • Billy: 1. "Baby nurse, don't worry. It's going to be an adventure! Just... let me put my straight face on." 2. "Okay, so Lupe and Lawanda think he's straight, but I bet he bats for my team. Oh! Let's both flirt with him and see what happens!" 3. "Look, I know I'm the life of the party and all but... I'm also a really good psych nurse and I know grief when I see it, so you just remember I'm here... whenever you're ready."

  • Tera: "I've got your patient over here. He's real messed up. Bath salts I'm guessing. This is so not what I signed up for, so if you could stop flirting and get Mr. Crazypants out of my ER, that would be just great."

  • Jen: 1. "I guess it's easier with kids... to still see the hope, the light at the end of the tunnel. Whether that's their strength or my weakness, I'm not sure but... even on the worst days I wouldn't trade this job for anything else." 2. "Listen, being kind doesn't mean I let people walk all over me. I'm an expert at boundaries, professional and personal. That's why this is such a hard decision."

  • Scott: 1. “Whatever life throws at me I’ll switch up and hit. Right, left, center, it’s all good." 2. "You can't cage a free spirit though, man. Life is short, nobody knows that better than an ER nurse. I'm gonna love as many people as I can for as long as I can and take every ounce of joy this world will give me. If that makes me a bad person, a selfish person, then that's what I am."

  • Paul: 1. "Perfect. Perfect. Perfect. Nope. I'm sorry. I'm trying... trying, trying. It's too much. Too much. Too much." 2. "Words absolutely cannot express the gratitude I have for the people who took care of me when I was lost, when I was confused and scared and... when I wasn't myself."

  • Jo: 1. "Do you know what it's like to lose everything? Your kids? Your home? Your whole life? Do you have any idea how it feels to have your soul ripped from your body and the only thing that numbs the pain is... (screams)". 2. "Micky, I, uh, I'm so sorry, I can't... I can't take care of table 3... I just ... I can't."

  • Micky: (Irish accent): “The hard way is the easy way, and the easy way is the hard way, so may you get all your blessings but one, so you always have something to strive for.”

  • Shamus: (Irish accent): 1. “That what doesn’t kill me, had better run." 2. “I Don’t know why everyone’s scared of me. I have feelings too ya know, big feelings.”

  • Bit Nurses: 1. "It's been a rough night. Ricky couldn't stay asleep, nothing touched him. He's stuck in a loop." 2. "He's part of the three percent, you know? Most of what we see here, we can fix. That chemical imbalance, it's just a matter of time and science. He's just ... we've tried it all and his wounds are just too deep."

  • Bit Patients: 1. "It's not like you actually care, so why bother? You're here for a paycheck anyway, not us." 2. "It's right there standing in front of you and you don't see it but you think I'm the crazy one? You're just part of the plan. You're all in on it. You won't trick me again though. I'm not doing it. You can't make me."

  • Bit Security: "I don't get paid to care, little girl. That's your job. Mine? Mine is to keep you safe. You're new here. I'm not. Trust that I know, and will do, what is necessary while you live in your little make believe world where no one gets hurt"

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