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Letting Go

A Drama Short by Citizen Studios

Logline: A young woman's grief creates chaos for her family and terror for herself.

Synopsis: Letting Go is a (micro) short drama-suspense film that tells a TRUE story of the power and complexity of grief ... while also highlighting shortcomings in "the system" related to mental health.

POSTER FINAL Letting Go.jpg


Executive Producer: Paula Baisden / Starring: Chloe Hulgan / Director: Cody Mark Hanna

Supervising Producer: Ronni Miller / Producers: Greg Holcombe and Wayne Heiser

Co-Producer: Amber Petra / Associate Producers: Shanda Barnett and Alice Armstrong

Director of Photography: Rene Olmos / 1st Assistant Camera: Anthony Gabriele /

Assistant Director: Amber Petra / 2nd Assistant Camera: Ariel Chornsbay /

Sound Mixer: Matt Senter / Boom Operator: Stephen Szklarski /

Gaffer: Jay Shackleford / Script Supervisor: Carson Berger /

Makeup Artist: Olivia Thompson / Production Assistant: Loren Jenkins

Additional Featured Cast: Samantha Miro, Clayton Frank, Jamison Utley,
Wayne Heiser, Ronni Miller, Monique Marshall

Written by Paula Baisden

Every little bit helps. Letting Go continues to make the rounds in the festival circuit in hopes of spreading valuable insight into the experience of grief and courage to seek mental health care when needed. Your continued monetary support helps us on this journey by paying for festival entry fees and cast and crew travel to festivals that may help us make this short, but immensely impactful, short film into a feature film one day.

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Financial Information

The budget for pre-production and production was $7200. All participants were paid for their work except those functioning as producers or student interns and, thus, volunteering.

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