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Making Coffee

Call-Time Cafe

Visit our in-studio (film-themed) coffee shop for our version of craft services.

Proud official brewers and retailers of Death Wish Coffee

Live the caffeinated lifestyle.


$1.50 12oz. Hot

$2.00 24oz. Iced

Take One: Death Wish Medium Roast Coffee

Take Two: Death Wish Dark Roast Coffee

Take Three: Death Wish Seasonal Blend Coffee

Director's Cut: Death Wish Valhalla Blend Coffee


Fancy Drinks


12oz. Hot

24oz. Iced


We do our best to offer a selection of milks (dairy, almond, soy...) and flavored syrups (chocolate, vanilla, caramel, and seasonal favorites) for you to add to your drinks, but we may not have every option that other coffee shops have. This is because we also try to balance the variety we offer with keeping your costs low (which a limited menu helps us to achieve). Thank you for understanding.


$4.50 24oz. Frozen

Lean and Green
Lean and Green

Fresh and Fruity 
Fresh and Fruity


Bacon Happy Hour

Daily 11am-12pm

Get an order of bacon chips and a dipper for $1 with any drink order.

**bacon is ONLY available during bacon happy hour**

Bacon is first-come-first-served and we could run out.

Dippers may vary but will typically include choices of ...

chocolate sauce, cinnamon sugar dust, cheese, and fancy or spicy mustard.

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